High-Impact, High Quality, High Production Value, and High Definition Video Production

  • We have been producing high quality Video Productions for business since 2009. We take great pride in our abilities to craft your story into video that gets results.
  • New technology has brought High Definition Visual Communications within reach of all marketers and trainers. Spectacular on-screen visuals can mesmerize audiences with content that informs and persuades. Whether you are teaching staff new processes, convincing prospects to buy, or demonstrating “how to” to customers … We have a track record of designing and producing compelling video that makes an impression, makes a point, and makes the sale.Our investment in video production means three things for our clients:
  • Control the quality
  • Control the cost
  • Control the schedule

Video Production Studio

  • We are equipped with state-of-the-art technology such as HD cameras, advanced lighting and sound equipment, teleprompter, camera dollies, a 20′ camera jib arm, wide eye lens, filters, etc. We shoot on location or in studio.
  • We shoot anywhere in the world by accessing our remote shooters network and directing them long distance to get the shots we need. This saves time and money by eliminating travel costs.
  • We have our own Soundstage Studio for “talking heads” and product demonstration production.
  • Digital edit suites with multi-format capabilities
  • Video production personnel

Sound Recording Studio

  • The sound track can represent 50% of the impact of a great presentation. If you think that’s a stretch … try watching programming with the sound on “mute”.
  • We have a dedicated digital Audio Recording Studio with a full range of constantly updated stock music and sound effects to ensure commercial quality “soundscape” production. We do it on time and on budget.

Our creative and technical team will guide you through the project from developing the theme and script through final cut. If a picture is worth a thousand words … a riveting video is truly worth its weight in gold.