Multimedia programs bring it all together into a compelling interactive presentation.

Multimedia Presentations usually open full screen without using a browser, and are typically delivered in higher resolution on CD, Data DVD, or Flash Drives. Most often they are auto-loading and contain the player software onboard.

Packaged in a great, custom graphic design, they not only contain navigation buttons for interactively choosing the content, but can contain;

  • text
  • images
  • videos
  • animations
  • reference documents like PDF, Spreadsheets, CAD files, etc.
  • email contact
  • forms
  • calculators

Training Multimedia Programs often contain exercises and tests, along with the ability to scrore and report student progress.

Marketing Multimedia Programs can be distributed at Trade Shows, direct mail, or during meetings.

Interactivity is the key to learning.

Creating dynamic and inspired content is great. Now you need to present it in a manner that your target audience will receive and retain the information easily. Studies have shown that subject retention is greatly improved when the presentation affords some interactive elements. We have put together many interactive projects, from learning the traits and characteristics of a well bred Holstein Cow to the reasons why North and South facing windows should have different attributes.

Special programming can be created to do just about anything you can imagine so give us a call and tell us what you have in mind.