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Website Design, Web Development, & SEO

xopath has produced literally hundreds of websites over the years for clients of all sizes from small enterprises to Multinationals. We have revised existing sites and built new ones from the ground up. We’ve learned that no two websites are alike. While we know our core business is “ideas” and “storytelling”, there are a number of other related services that we offer to our clients.

We offer additional Consulting Services to help customers manage their websites. From registering domain names to search engine optimization (SEO); from content management systems (CMS) to the realm of E-commerce, xopath can help you build your website on target, on time and on budget. And we’ll be on side to support you and your website as the requirements evolve.


The case for a great website … 4 out of every 5 people now use computers in North America. WOW! And all of them are just a click away from seeing you on the Internet. There are no superlatives strong enough to describe the potential impact of a great website. The operative word is “great”… a status to which there are NO shortcuts.

Every minute counts on the internet. A website is the ultimate electronic multimedia opportunity reaching millions of prospects. And the opportunity is NOW and it’s urgent. Your prospects are on the Internet today … looking for someone to deliver the goods. If you’re not there … your competition is!

  • xopath has been in business for 35 years. We created our first website in 1990 just when the Internet was launching as a commercial venture.
  • Our design and production studios have in-house facilities for video productionsound recordings, and animation to control cost, schedules and most of all quality.
  • We have a full-time staff of designers and technicians committed to developing great websites. We develop for mobile devices like the Apple Iphone™, R.I.M. Blackberry™, Google Andoid™, and Windows 7 Mobile™ environments.
  • We have happy clients and awards to show that we do it right.

What makes a good website work?

  • Be compelling. You know the phrase “you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression”. People are impatient, fickle and bore easily. At best, you have a couple of seconds to grab a viewer and pull them in or they’re off to the next site.
  • Be found. Build a website that search engines can find. The Internet is ultra-competitive and you’re not the only player on the ice. Every website xopath creates includes search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Be concise. Get to the point. Let your graphic design enhance the message NOT overpower the content.
  • Be easy. On a website it’s called “navigation”; make it easy and intuitive for visitors to find their way around the site … and to contact you when they’re ready. Rule of thumb … the fewer clicks the better.